How to: Connect to internet from Laptop using Nokia Mobile

Ever thought of getting connected to internet on PC using a mobile phone ? Its possible and quite easy to manage it, simply follow the 10 steps posted here and connect Laptops or Netbooks to internet without USB dongle. Internet charges for mobile devices are very low when compared to normal broadband connections and further portability can be achieved. Use internet directly from mobile or use it by connecting to PC or laptop. Here is a simple guide to use Nokia mobile as a modem :

Things required before getting started with this guide :

Nokia mobile is used as a modem to connect your laptop, Computer or netbook to PC. In this case I’m using Nokia 5130 Xpress music which got better modem support than many other Nokia mobile models.

1. Nokia mobile with GPRS or 3G transfer support (Based on handset and network provider).

2. Nokia DKE2 Cable (Data transfer cable based on your Nokia mobile is required).

3. An USB Port to connect Nokia mobile.

4. Nokia PC suite, download it for free from Official Nokia Site (Based on your mobile model).

Make sure that you got all these things, if any one of these is missed or PC suite for your phone is not available please dont proceed to the further steps. Its difficult to manage without any of them.

Getting started with using Nokia Mobile to  Connect to internet :

Follow these steps in order to connect Nokia 5130 XM to your PC :

Step 1 : Install Nokia PC suite software on your PC and please do not connect mobile while installation is in process.

Step 2 : After installation is finished, connect Nokia mobile using USB connectivity cable.

Step 3 : On screen connection guide will be displayed and choose PC Suite from that options.

Step 4 : Wait for few seconds, as all required drivers will be automatically installed.

Step 5 : Now, open Nokia PC Suite and start up screen will be displayed.

How to: Connect to internet using Nokia Mobile from PC, Laptop, Netbook

Step 6 : Click on “Connect to the internet” icon and One Touch Access will be opened.

How to: Connect to internet using Nokia Mobile from PC, Laptop, Netbook

Step 7 : Connection will be automatically established or otherwise click on connect button manually.

Step 8 : Its all over, your PC is now connected to internet successfully. Open your favorite browser and enjoy www.

How to: Connect to internet using Nokia Mobile from PC, Laptop, Netbook

Step 9 : If you want to disconnect from the internet, simply use “Disconnect to close the connection” button.

Step 10 : Data charges are applicable and the speed of your new internet purely depends on the Service provider.

Troubleshooting Tips :

1. If any problem occurs with the connection, check the USB data cable.

2. Properly configure the settings in your mobile, go to Configuration Settings > Preferred Access Point and select Mobile Office.

3. Contact service provider to get packet data settings for your mobile .

Still facing any problem ? Post your comment here, we are glad to help in fixing your issue.

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