Graboid Review: What is Graboid?

To put it concisely, Graboid Video is an application which allows you to stream videos from Usenet. It differs insofar as it allows you to watch the video while you’re downloading it, which is something that other Usenet services — such as Giganews, do not support.

If you’ve ever endulged yourself in the Utopian world of Usenet, you will realise that all sorts of files are available. Thousands upon thousands of film makers, and music makers, as well as other creative people, choose to distribute their works over the internet — eradicating the need for media distributors such as 21st Century Fox and Universal — much to their dismay and annoyance! However, in addition to these legally distributed works, Usenet is rife with copyrighted material which shouldn’t be there. Unfortunately Usenet is difficult to control, since it’s built up of individual networks, making it almost impossible to get files removed from every single node after its initial propogation — something which is extremely quick, and will become quicker still with increased network speeds.

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Graboid works in a very similar fashion to your favourite Usenet providers — such as Giganews. However, Graboid only provides videos on their network — such as television shows, movies, and videos of a more adult nature for those that way inclined. The benefit here is that if you’re looking to watch freely distributed movies, such as many independent movies made by individuals such as yourselves, then Graboid cuts past all the nonsense, and provides only the videos. In downloading obscure items from typical Usenet providers, one can never be sure if it’s password protected or contains viruses — with Graboid this worry is entirely eradicated, because Graboid only finds valid videos that contain playable material.

Graboid is quite clever in its functioning. Usenet downloads components — usually in the form of RAR archives, which contain a partial video and the PAR files. The way that Graboid works, in a nutshell, is that it extracts these unfinished RAR files, and rebuilds the partial AVI to allow you to watch that part of the AVI. This works in a very similar way as to how AVIPreview works — if you’ve ever used that application for previewing videos you’ve been downloading.

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The initial downloading of a video from Graboid — which contains both free, legally distributed videos, and not-so-legal videos, depending on what you select to watch, will buffer for less than a minute. From then on in, the video should play smoothly since each part comprises of, typically, 100 megabyte RAR files. As you’re watching one of these components, the others are downloading in the background, so by the time you’ve finished watching your first 100 megabyte segment, the second 100 megabyte segment should have finished and be ready for watching. How lovely!

Graboid Trial

Fortunately for those interested in trying out Graboid without paying an initial fee, it is absolutely free to trial for a whole month! One doesn’t need to supply any payment details what-so-ever. To initially test Graboid, we recommend watching the freely distributed movie, “Steal This Film” — which is most definitely worth the watch if you’re a firm believer in the movement against intellectual property which continues to rage to this very day, and is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Nevertheless, despite this belief, one should not be encouraged to download anything that one doesn’t have the right to view on Graboid. For mainstream movies, music, and television shows, there are plenty of services out there to watch them legally — and being able to give back to the creative people for the time they’ve spent in making such beloved works. With countless other services, such as Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Seesaw, and others, the internet is rife with useful services. However, if you’re looking for the more obscure films and music that are quite commonly distributed for gratis, then Graboid is most definitely a highly recommended application!

Give it a try today — Try the Graboid trial.

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