How to: Search Google Plus public contents and profiles

Search Google Plus (Google+) public contents and profiles

Google plus now got an exclusive search engine. This search engines are created by third party sites and are unofficial. Using these search engines you can search all contents related to Google plus like Users, Posts, profiles etc.

How to search Google Plus ?

1. Directly Using Google

If you dont want to add extensions or any app, then here is a simple trick to search all Google plus contents. Go to and search like this :

site: followed by your key word. Then you will get results from google plus related to your keywords.

2. Using other search engines

Search Google Plus (Google+) public contents and profiles

These are third-party sites that are created using google custom search engine. They will help you find all public content in Google plus related to posts and users. Check out these sites and search Google Plus now.

3. Using Chrome Extensions
Install these chrome extensions and you can search Google Plus directly from your chrome browser without going to any other sites. These extensions allows you to search for public Google+ contents like profiles and posts. Apart from these you can also search Buzz and Google Reader posts.

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Raj @ Web Hosting Tips September 8, 2011 at 11:09 am

One should be aware of the fact that Google+ (and other social networks) will index our public messages in the search results. so keeping in mind about the fact it is better to keep senses before posting something in the public circles to maintain your online privacy…


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