Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps. Got your new Amazon Kindle Fire ? Its time to install some apps on it. I composed a list of free Android Apps that perfectly suites Amazon Kindle Fire. Read to know How to install Android Market on Amazon Kindle Fire.

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

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Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps :

Here is the list of Top 10 free android apps for your Kindle Fire tablet. Check them all…

Angry Birds Free

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps Angry Birds is the most popular game for touchscreen smartphones and Tablets. It was developed by Roxio, a Finland based gaming company in 2009.Play through 285 levels and each level can be solved in multiple ways.

Size: 18.7MB | Version: 1.6.3


Wifi Analyzer

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps Wifi analyzer is an Android App that provides graphical views of the WiFi signals. It also helps to choose the strongest wireless signal that have less traffic. Time graph tracks real time signal strengths and screenshots can also be captured.

Size: 452.4KB | Version:



Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Evernote, is an award winning Android App that lets you remember everything happened in the past. Create notes, snapshots etc whenever browsing your favorite website. Auto-Syncing of notes with PC, Mac, Web is available.

Size: 5.0MB | Version: 3.2.2



Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Skype enables video calling, that helps to get in touch with your family. Free Skype-to-Skype calling , instant messaging, Group IM, and Skype SMS are some features of Skype. It is free to use works fine on Amazon Kindle Fire.

Size: 10.1MB | Version:



Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Pandora is a free Internet Radio service for Android Device, it offers thousands of free songs from various artists. Access personalized Radio Stations by logging into your Pandora Online account . You can rate songs of your favorite artists.

Size: 1.6MB | Version: 1.5.14


Hoot Suite

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire AppsHootsuite helps to manage multiple Social Netwoking sites on a single dashboard. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Facebook and Foursquare accounts. You can upload Pictures, Update Status on any of these networks with scheduling also.

Size: 1.1MB | Version: 1.4.2


Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Vlingo is a Virtual Assistant that uses voice-to-text technology to follow your orders. It is fast and accurate, so that your things will be done right without delay. Read 5 Alternatives to Siri for Apple iPhone

Size: 3.4MB | Version: 2.0.2



Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire AppsFlixter is a perfect movie app that helps to keep in touch with theater and DVD movie releases. Showtimes, tickets are readily available with this app, rate and bookmark your favorite movies with a sigle click. If you are a movie buff, this app suites is for you.

Size: 2.6MB | Version: 3.7.4


Dolphin Browser Mini

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire AppsDolphin Browser Mini is a light-weight version of Dolphin Browser HD. It got speed, flexibility, speed dial, tabbed browsing etc features that crease ultimate browsing experience. It also handles plugins, Java, Flash etc.

Size: 968.9KB | Version: 2.1.1


Coupons App

Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

Coupons App helps to get deals for your favorite stores, restaurants,gas stations etc right from your Amazon Kindle Fire. Coupons are added all the day to the Coupon App, its real-time widget sends new coupon alerts directly to home screen.

Size: 844.6KB | Version: 7.00


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Hope you like this list of Top 10 free Amazon Kindle Fire Apps, if you know any other app share it here, I’m glad to hear form you guys.

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